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Traditionally yoga has always been taught in private, one-to-one sessions.

Private lessons allow a more intimate approach and the possibility to fully personalize the practice according to the needs. A wonderful way to feel all the benefits of yoga in a save and exclusive setting.

For private lessons in Florence for individuals as well as small groups please contact me directly.


Strength, flexibility, openness & relaxation

Yoga helps us center and balance our lives in a way that keeps us naturally happy, healthy and emotionally stable. In Hatha Yoga classes the emphasis lies on strengthening and loosening up the body and increasing concentration to stable, regular breathing. With Hatha Yoga practice your body will feel open en strong, your breathing unobstructed and your mind calm and quiet.

The Hatha Yoga postures are sequenced to create strength, flexibility, openness, and relaxation throughout the practice. A few of the hatha yoga benefits include physical strength and discipline, improved circulation and flexibility, steadiness of breathing, clarity of mind, stress-reduction, and relaxation.
As a result, the effects of transformational yoga practice are felt immediately and are carried over into your everyday life bringing equilibrium and serenity into the physical body, emotions, mind, and soul.

Opus Balance at Centro Opus Ballet

via Ugo Foscolo 6, (P.ta Romana) Florence

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